Finally found it!

Finally found it!

I really like this t shirt. It’s actually a very simple cut, but I really like how it looks and feels, and with the black and white stripe design it ends up looking slightly nicer than casual. I ordered an XL because it’s from a Chinese company but I wanted a relaxed fit. I would normally order a Gap medium if I wanted something true to size. It fit just like I wanted. With the black panel on top you also don’t have to worry much about whether your bra will show through it.


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  • Coen Jacobs Reply

    Bought more from Hanes direct the blue & grey are not as illustrated there blue & grey are vice versa to picture there blue sleeves grey body they are really really great tops import duties outway buying them if NOT on special price , I purchased 5 grey & then ordered more in other colours in the size I’ve purchased previous but they are like a tent so have to return 3 tops to the USA & they only cover the cost of return upto £20 even though amazon delivered them , I’d fill my draws of them there that good but as above import & delivery is shocking so will wait to see if amazon will stock them over here P.S check out Hanes crew sports socks pack of 12 lasted me 3yrs kept there shape colour & started going thin after 3yrs which isn’t bad 😉 bring more Hanes to the UK please Amazon

    June 27, 2020 at 12:12 am
    • Dan Reply

      Awesome shirt — my new go-to long sleeve shirt. I’m an athletically-built 6’0″ /170 lbs. (broader shoulders, narrower waist), and this shirt in a medium fits perfectly. It has plenty of room through the chest and shoulders yet is snug around the midsection for a nicer, slimming look. Also, the length is perfect for wearing untucked. It falls about halfway down the zipper on my pants. The cotton is definitely a heavy-weight cotton, and it feels very nice. The only thing I dislike is the contrasting fabric under the section of the shirt where it buttons. On the black shirt, there is gray fabric that is visible unless you button all three buttons. Same with the navy blue shirt. It looks okay, but I’d prefer if it was just monochromatic. Overall, this is a fantastic shirt. Highly recommended.

      June 27, 2020 at 12:13 am
  • James Koster Reply

    Ok, I’m probably going to keep this one. I’ve been trying different low priced Henley’s, and have recently sent a couple back (I won’t go into why), but these are reasonably high quality and reasonably heavy (about like a heavy duty T-shirt). I rated the fit as “somewhat small”, because I paid attention to what other reviewers had said in that regard, and I went ahead and ordered an extra large, where I usually get a large. That seems to be the right call, as the extra large seems to fit comfortably (before washing), I’ll update if there’s any significant shrinkage later. I checked the Hanes website, and it says all are 100% cotton except the Heather which is 75% … so I ordered the green body with heather sleeves, and the tag says pretty close to what the website says … the body is 100% cotton, while the sleeves are 60/40. I’m still looking for a good thermal version of a Henley, if anyone has any suggestions, but I do like this one and I will be ordering more.

    Addendum: A little caveat to keep in mind, they are selling two completely different shirts here. The two tone sports team look, is part 100% cotton and part blend (the heather color), and that shirt is cut altogether different. The solid color is all 100% cotton, and has a seam across the top of the shoulders, then the sleeve meets the torso in a circle. The sports team look has a seam that cuts down from the neck at roughly a 45 degree angle, so the sleeve section meets the body section under the arms. I’m not complaining, I like them both, but the two different shirts that are being sold here hang off your shoulders and fit entirely different, they should advertise separately.

    June 28, 2020 at 12:36 pm

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