The pair of pants that can’t be beat!

The pair of pants that can’t be beat!

For real, nothing beats this exact fit (559 Relaxed Straight). I owned a pair that’s lasted me many many years and now it’s starting to fall apart. It’s protected my legs from hot slag while welding, never caught fire btw, and provided a nice outer layer in bitter cold weather. It’s a champion workhorse among jeans whether you’re in your steeltoes putting in your hours or your in your best cowboy boots hitting the town, and the best part, it’s so comfortable!

Foolishly I tried out other brands and fits of jeans just to try something new and I hated all of them. This slim fit craze drives me nuts because it’s all I find in my local stores and those things not only look ugly, while highlighting a lack of muscle in your lower body just sayin’, I can’t see why any man would subject themselves to such uncomfortable levels of clinging to your nuts!

So I’ve finally come home to this pair of pants and I think I’ll never let it go. I now own a brand new pair of these and intend to get more in the future. Feel the difference!


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